30 seconds to the new face of conservation

My recent post about Sarah Jessica Parker’s conservation fashion moment (which can be seen here: https://brookesays.com/2015/05/10/sjp-goes-green-fabulously/ ) got me thinking: what other celebrities are supporting conservation efforts around the world? That led me to actor, musician, and new conservationist, Jared Leto. Appearing in many movies, and forming the band 30 seconds to Mars, adding the title of “conservationist” was a curve ball for the world. He has officially joined WWF (world wildlife fund), to help spread awareness and help with their conservation efforts.

It always makes me happy when celebrities take their fame and use it to spread positive messages. So you go Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jared Leto! Keep killin’ out there for the planet. And for your viewing pleasure, pictures of Jared Leto follow this post: let the drooling over the man-bun begin…




You’re welcome. 


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