Eco-friendly, fabulous, and on the move!

My impending move has got me thinking, how do I move across the country and still maintain my eco-friendly morals? I had ZERO ideas, so I did some research. I found out that moving takes, on average, about 60 cardboard boxes. This relates to a half-ton tree, woah. In an effort to save that tree, and let it keep contributing to the human populations oxygen consumption, I will be using a great alternative: Plastic storage boxes…

They last longer than cardboard

They keep your stuff dry

And they save trees

Using what you have as packing materials is also a great way to not only save money on bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper; but you’ll have a much more eco-friendly move. So here’s some crazy ideas from the mind of a moving genius (me):

Big mirror to move? Stick it between two mattresses!

Need to pad glass? Get some cheap pillowcases and use those as padding!

Space saver bags are probably the best thing ever, and they’re reusable!

Moving is also a great time to decrease and de-clutter your life! By lightening your load, it not only saves gas while moving but also donating your items helps people in need. Call up the salvation army or any other organization that helps people get the furniture they need! You’re not only helping people but you’re also recycling! Stay tuned for tips on how to make your new living space energy efficient, eco-friendly, and fabulous!


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