Summer eco-friendly tips to stay fabulous!

The flowers are blooming, the sun is coming up earlier, and the temperature is finally above 30 degrees. Now we can all venture out into the world without being pelted in the face by snow and ice or having anxiety about losing our fingers to Jack Frost. (side note: I successfully made it through winter without gloves, because I was in denial…did I ever mention how much I do not like winter?) So now that we are entering the best season ever, I have some tips for you on how to be eco-friendly but still stay fabulous!

1. Need the perfect natural light for flawless makeup application? (The answer is always yes, always use natural light to apply makeup) Open the blinds! No need to turn on lights when the sun comes up nice and early!

2. Get a plant! I know it sounds weird but stay with me here. Plants are good air purifiers for your home because they breathe your carbon dioxide and give you fresh oxygen to breathe. But also, it gives you something to take care of so then you can move onto a fish, a dog, or even a boyfriend…

3. Attend local farmers markets whenever possible. Not only are they usually cheaper and healthier, but also you are helping your local economy

4. Hang your clothes out to dry. This doesn’t make you weird or a peasant, the warm air is out there anyway so why not use it? And you’ll be saving money on your energy bill which you can use to go shopping because ya know, priorities.

5. I am 100% against the use of paper plates, plastic plates. plastic cups, styrofoam cups, etc. This is easily the easiest and best way to reduce waste. And plus, real dishes are always more classy and fabulous.

6. Mosuqito’s bugging you?! (see what I did there). Plant some rosemary plants! Not only does it provide some of that awesome oxygen that you need to ya know, live. But it also wards off those little blood suckers. And then it’s always available for cooking!

7. If there is somewhere you can walk to, then WALK! Don’t unnecessarily drive when it’s warm enough to walk outside, just think about walking off all of the calories you’ve consumed in ice cream

8. Grilling outside is not only healthy, but it also saves you from heating up your house, which requires more AC which requires more energy. Pro-tip: Propane burns the cleanest, therefore reducing air pollution.

9. Ok, as I am writing this I am highly regretting making fun of my dad when he got an old school mower that literally just cuts the grass. But it is actually a great way to reduce energy consumption, and get a good workout.

10. UNPLUG- ok this one isn’t just for summer. Do I use my toaster every day, no, so why is it plugged in all the time? That’s a great question. Appliances that are plugged in but not turned on are still using energy, and therefore reducing the amount of money you have to spend on shopping. Again, priorities.



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