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The pen was stronger than the pipeline

It was always of great interest to me that one man, the President, could veto the opinions of over 200 other people, Congress. That is a whole lot of power, and that power has vetoed the Keystone Pipeline. Learn more about the Keystone Pipeline and why it matters here: .

Apparently President Obama immediately vetoed the bill once it got to the White House, not that this was a surprise to anyone. It is only the beginning of the pissing match that is going to ensue between the Democratic President and the Republican-led Congress. The date has already been set to override the President’s veto, March 3rd. But for now, environmentalists have won in the endeavor to end the Keystone Pipeline. But this veto has supposedly means job-loss in Alaska. What do you think?

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1 thought on “The pen was stronger than the pipeline”

  1. I think congress has no backbone and will not override the veto. They only passed the bill so they could go back to the people they represent and say look at me I voted for the pipeline… They should finish the sentence and say but I didn’t have the balls to over ride the veto.

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