Up-cycling your spring style and imagining warmer weather

These days I am NOT wakin’ up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy… I am wakin’ up in the morning to the realization that it is still winter and will be for at least the next month, if not longer. I also wake up every morning asking myself why I still live somewhere so God-forsakenly cold. But my terrible life decisions are besides the point. In an effort to remedy my winter blue’s I turned to the only thing that helps me when I’m down (besides ice cream), retail therapy! I hit up my favorite consignment store for some up-cycling, and thought I would spoil myself with a new dress or shoes. Because let’s be honest valentines day is horrible enough, not to mention today is Friday the 13th, AND it is freezing outside. This sounds like the dark triad to self-indulgent spending, and I am here to confirm that fact. I ended up with 3 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, and a dress (ALL office appropriate) for under $90!

Ankle pants are always a comfortable addition to any work wardrobe! Pair with a neutral pattern top and a low-key shoe, and this ensemble is sure to impress any boss you may run into!

2015-02-12 18.14.21

A woman in a fierce pencil skirt can take on the world…or maybe just a big meeting! Either way, fit and length are the key here, fit does not equal tight. Pop of color in the shoes just demands respect!
2015-02-12 18.17.31
Floral prints are always great for spring, and this pattern is simple enough that fun shoes and jewelry will work very well. Again, fit is key here it needs to be tight enough to see your curves but loose enough to leave a little to the imagination
2015-02-12 18.20.35 Linen pants. Great for hot weather (which is what I’m trying to mentally experience), but difficult to take care of. However, they scream style and are a good switch up with the standard dress pant.
2015-02-12 18.24.02
Floral’s make me feel like it has been warm enough for flowers to grow, so here they are. This light floral blouse can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. 
2015-02-12 18.31.00 2015-02-12 18.31.11
Casual Friday calls for a light, airy dress that is classy and knee-length. A beautiful color always helps as well.
2015-02-12 18.32.49

Wherever you are rocking out your style, feel good about it because consignment shopping is good for your wallet and good for the planet. And don’t forget to love yourself first and be your own Valentine!


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