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When I think of composting, I think of gross piles of smelly things. But I decided that I can’t just keep being eco-friendly by shopping all the time (check out my blogs on up-cycling ). I am beginning the very early stages of figuring out this whole composting thing, and to my pleasant surprise, it isn’t super smelly (if you do it right)! there are two mainstream options as far as composting goes:

1. Everyday composting

2. Red worm composting

Now, since I am not living in an area or dwelling where I could keep a bin full of worms outside of my home I am going to try everyday composting first. The thought of a bin full of worms in my home is highly disturbing to me. However, today I will give you a very brief overview of both! Let’s start with Everyday composting:

— if you’re going to compost indoors, you’ll need a special bin from the garden or hardware store. –> Also, amazon has everything

— to start your compost bin you’ll need to add sufficient amounts of carbon (paper shreddings, dry leaves, etc.), and nitrogen (food scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc.)

— make sure you turn your compost bin periodically to make sure everything is getting to know each other and mingling

— for more information check out:

For Red worm composting: 

— Get a classic Rubbermaid container that you would use for storage

— Pack in your bedding for the worms to live in (shredded cardboard, peat moss, etc.)

— Put in your worms

–Feed them! Red worms will eat about 1/2 pound of waste per day!

— Check out more information at:

So why would you do this?!

1. It will save you money! If you garden, or even if you just grow potted plants, composted dirt is very rich in nutrients that our plants will thrive on. You will save money by not buying as much potting soil because you made some of your own!

2. The earth will love you for it. By reducing your waste being put into landfills, you are re-investing into the earth by composting what the earth has provided you with.

3. You’re eco-friendly and fabulous, but you don’t mind getting a little down and dirty to benefit the planet!

I will keep things updated on how my composting journey is going! Make sure to always do your research before you start a project like this and if you have any tips or tricks with composting, I would love to see them in the comments!


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