Shamelessly follow your passions

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. The universe, and whatever divine power you believe in, has a plan for you. Now, this is not my usual post but I feel that it is important to share. My passion has and will always be animals and conserving the planet, and whatever your passion is, follow it shamelessly. Everything that has happened in my life has led me to the next step that has taught me more and advanced my career. Having faith in the process is the hardest part, and finding a balance between chasing things and letting things catch you is equally difficult. But once you start to see things working out, life becomes that much more beautiful and precious. Below are some photos that I mean something to me within my life plan:

When I discovered my love of photography:


When my love of photography and orangutans finally met:

015 (2)

The moment I fell in love with giraffes:

139 (4)

The moment I kind of (not really) got over my fear of snakes:


Share some moments when you knew you were on the right path (animal related or otherwise)!!!


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