Everyone is always telling you to spread your wings and FLY

One of my adventures in Philadelphia took me to the Museum of Natural Sciences, which is a great museum by the way if you ever find yourself in Philly. Among all of the taxidermied animals (I prefer my animals alive), was a great butterfly exhibit! Now I respect and appreciate all of mother nature and its offerings, but it would not be my choice to surround myself with insects, spiders, creepy crawly things. Insects, spiders, and snakes I like to appreciate from a far…far far far away. But I do love the beauty of butterflies. We all learned about the life cycle of butterflies in elementary school so I’ll try and tell you some things that you may not know:

— There are over 17,500 species of butterflies

— The only place in the world that butterflies are not found is in Antarctica (who can blame them)

— Eggs hatching depends on if conditions are right or not, this could take weeks, months, or even years

— One of their defense mechanisms is camouflage, and they’re pretty dang good at it

— They have evolved to be brightly colored and have toxic chemicals, predators have learned over the years

— These guys are affected by habitat loss just like every other animal on the planet

— Their life span is can be from 2-4 days to 6 months

If you’re a butterfly buff I would love some help in identifying these guys below, leave it in the comments!

2015-01-16 19.27.54 2015-01-16 19.29.39 2015-01-16 19.29.55 2015-01-16 19.30.03 2015-01-16 19.30.48 2015-01-16 19.32.14 2015-01-16 19.32.47 2015-01-16 19.33.15


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