Paying it forward with pizza.

Ok, so I usually write about conservation and animals and I ignore the humans. Because let’s be honest, we talk about humans all the time. However, when a human does something really freaking awesome, I cannot ignore it. I was on a weekend trip to Philadelphia with some friends and we heard about this pizza place, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. My first thought was ok, it is pizza…? It is a small place with inconspicuous signing, looks like any small, local pizza place. Except the walls are lined with post-it notes… hundreds of them. They all are unique, with different messages and pictures on them. So here’s the deal:

-A slice of pizza is $1

-I paid $5

-I got to fill out 4 post-it notes

-That means I paid for 4 people to eat a slice of pizza

It’s the coolest form of paying it forward that I have ever experienced. If you are hungry and without money in Philadelphia, you can go to Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, grab a post it note and get a slice of pizza. Or if you do have the money to spare, you can pay it forward and help feed someone who cannot pay for food. This place is getting so much attention, that media outlets have been doing stories on this place like crazy. They were even on Ellen… Like them on Facebook, and if you’re ever in Philly go visit and pay it forward!




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