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Blackfish, and PETA, and lies: OH MY!

I am not usually one to be controversial. However, I wanted to share this article with all of you because it is very well written with good facts and statistics:

If PETA really wanted to improve the lives of animals, then they would be out raising money, educating people, and finding solutions to the base issues. PETA is bred out of a generation who thinks whining and acting out is a way of getting what you want. I usually do not even acknowledge their existence but this was an exceptionally written article. I do encourage you to see Blackfish, but make sure you look carefully at both sides. Here are some of my favorite links related to Blackfish:

Grey Stafford is the guy speaking, had the pleasure of working with him. AWESOME guy

Moral of the Story

–Always do some background digging before forming a firm opinion on something


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