It’s Coffee O’Clock: Time to re-think your caffeine habits

Coffee, I can’t function without it. I truly look forward to my coffee in the morning…or afternoon…or night. I just LOVE coffee. However, since coffee is the 2nd most traded product in the world behind oil, it takes a pretty hefty toll on the environment. Between the massive amounts of water to grow it, to the deforestation it takes to make room for the fields, and finally the massive amounts of fuel it takes to transport it. Well gosh, now I am judging myself as I take a big swig of my current cup of joe. But readers, NEVER FEAR. I have collected some tips on how to reduce your caffeine-addicted-Earth-destroying habit:

1. Don’t drink as much! This one is kind of obvious, but the more coffee you drink, the more you are feeding into the system. Try green tea with lemon (my favorite) for an afternoon pick me up, and you will not get the coffee crash!

2. Use a re-usable cup! Get a cute re-usable cup to take to the coffee shop to save the paper and plastic products that they give you. Most coffee shops usually also have a discount for those of us who are eco-friendly.

3. Buy local coffee. Avoiding the big coffee chains helps smaller companies who take better care of their employees, and who take better care of the environment. It may be a little more expensive but if you refer back to tip #1, you’ll be drinking less coffee anyways

4. On that note, buy fair trade coffee. These companies treat their employees with fairness, and they maintain a high environmental standard

5. Use a re-usable coffee filter, you’ll save money in the long run and prevent the build up of pesky coffee filters.

6. Coffee is a great fertilizer (makes you wonder why we put it into our bodies…). So if you have potted plants or a garden or if you have a friend that does then save your grounds. Stick them into your plants and watch them flourish.

Like I always maintain, if each person can make eco-friendly choices 50% of the time, we could make a HUGE difference. So try out these tips and tell me what you think!

This post wouldn’t have been possible without the sources below, also check them out for more tips and tricks:

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