Up-cycling your style

There is a certain stigma that when you are Earth-minded, you do not have the best sense of fashion and style. Today we are breaking that stigma. Feeling good about what you’re wearing perpetuates a self-confidence that is unmatched. Coco Chanel once said “The best things in life are free, and the second best are very expensive”, I do not necessarily agree with Coco here. Fashion does not have to be expensive. Bo Derek once said, “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Now, this I can totally agree with and lucky for you guys I know where to go shopping that offers fashion and earth friendly options. Let’s talk up-cycled clothing!

“Up-cycling” is a term coined by the eco-friendly and fabulous (like myself) to refer to upscale recycling. Where can you get designer apparel that has barely been worn at up to 90% off?! It’s a magical place called My Sister’s Closet (links can be found below). It is BY FAR my favorite place to go shopping because you never know what kinds of treasures you will find! I went there yesterday and they truly have things to fit your personal style for whatever occasion!

Need some new work clothes?

2014-12-31 22.48.14

Not so hot on animal print and still need to go to work?

2014-12-31 22.50.18

Have a casual party to go to? (Cute shoes and jewelry complete the look)

2014-12-31 22.53.05

Have a fancier party to go to?

2014-12-31 22.55.39

Now here is the crazy part, I walked out of the store with 3 dresses, 2 skirts, and 1 shirt for $70. Most pieces were under $10 with the exception of 2 (one was $12 and one was $15). The even crazier part, 3 of the items still had the original tags in them and had never been worn.

Moral of the Story

Getting clothes that speak to your style and confidence doesn’t have to break the bank or hurt the planet.

Finding your nearest upscale consignment store is as easy as a Google search

Up-cycle your look for yourself and the Earth!

Happy Shopping!

Share your favorite consignment shops!



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