Up-cycling for your home


Let’s talk upscale recycling for your home! By buying recycled or refurbished furniture you are saving one more thing from going into a land fill, VERY eco-friendly. If you like a more vintage vibe for your home, then up-cycling is definitely the route to go for you. Today I visited Sweet Salvage in Phoenix, AZ; as we walked through the parking lot I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the vast array of vehicles peaked my interest of what awaited me. There were cars from vintage pick up trucks to range rovers and BMW’s, so this place obviously attracts a diverse crowd. As you walk inside you are amazed by how a warehouse has been transformed into interesting displays of furniture (pictures can be found below). All of it is refurbished, redone, and (most importantly) RECYCLED! You start to look at things that have been turned into art and realize that it used to be part of a building, or a window frame, or part of a bed. What a way to reuse, and recycle! These sorts of places can be found wherever you live! Sweet Salvage in particular is only open 4 days per month so that they have the most fresh merchandise, you can check out their blog at blog.sweetsalvage.net , everyone we encountered was very sweet and helpful. So next time you’re looking for a new piece of furniture to spice up your living space, check out a salvage or consignment store first! What kinds of up-cycling furniture places have you found in your neck of the woods?

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