the “holy shit” moment


I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Goodall when I was about 15 (yes, I know the above picture is an orangutan and her primary ape are chimpanzees, but it’s just such a cute picture I couldn’t resist). She had been my childhood idol and she was as sweet as could be. She had a gentle vibe that just made you want to approach life a little more quietly. I was there to hear her speak and to present on the teen volunteer organization that I was a part of. One thing she said will always stick with me, she stated that it was “humans have a responsibility to help this planet that we’ve destroyed; it is our job as intelligent beings”. It was kind of my moment in life of “holy shit”, I truly believe that everyone in life has a “holy shit” moment. It is that moment when someone says something that resonates with you, and you can’t forget it. Your “holy shit” moment sticks with you forever. This was my “holy shit” moment. I realized that for humans to live and thrive, we have to suck this planet dry of all of its resources. Since we have created this issue, and because we are intelligent beings, we are definitely capable of fixing our own problems. At the risk of sounding cheesy, this was the moment that changed my life. I knew after that, that I was meant to be on earth to help animals. Ever since then, I have had the most serendipitous moments regarding animals and conservation that it just reinforces my “holy shit” moment. What has been your “holy shit” moment?


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